101 Set of Photography Courses for Parents

Order both courses and save 26%.
By far our most popular purchase. Comes with both courses: Portraits 101 and Camera 101. If you already purchased a voucher for the 101 Set with Support, scroll down and order the product below. 


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You'll be feeling confident with your camera and delighted with your photos.  Our 101 courses give you everything you need to start gettting beatiful family photos.  The 101 Set is by far our most popular purchase, and students love having both courses to refer to.

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Portraits 101


  • The simplest balance between auto and manual
  • Settings you can set and leave


  • How to avoid bad light
  • How to find great light outdoors... almost anywhere!
  • How to position yourself and your subject to make the most of the light you have
  • What to do about hot-spots
  • How to keep your photos from looking too dark

Getting Kids to Cooperate

  • How to keep your child’s attention
  • How to avoid power-struggles over pictures (it's easier than you think)
  • Natural looking smiles and authentic expressions
  • Great places to shoot around your home and in your neighborhood

Camera 101

  • Exactly how to change your Portraits 101 settings, and why those settings are so important
  • How to put your camera manual to work for you
  • JPG vs. RAW
  • How to prevent blurry and grainy shots
  • Why things might look out of focus in your camera
  • How to keep your photos from being overexposed or underexposed
  • ...and lots more

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