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At Mom and Pop Photo, we believe that the best and most authentic family photos are taken by parents themselves. We empower families around the world to create their own beautiful photos while enjoying their time together.  You can see some student reviews of Mom and Pop Photo here.

About Our Courses & Community

Our self-paced courses are designed to be fun and effective. They come in PDF format, so you can download to your computer (and send to your devices) to keep forever.  We focus on the most helpful skills that make the most of your photo practice time.

Our 101 courses come with lots of support and inspiration, including weekly support emails and access to our online support community called The Lab.  While in The Lab, you can join a local Mom and Pop Photo Crew. Photo Crews are popping up across the country, and they are a fun way to get in some photography practice while connecting with other Mom and Pop students. 

Candace's Story

  • fun-family-pic-E-color-cropI love being a mom, and I love taking beautiful, authentic pictures of my children. There's something thrilling about mixing your creativity with your child's personality and ending up with something beautiful. When my husband got deployed with the Army, I had new motivation to capture everyday images, and I had a lot of time to spend practicing on my girls (keep scrolling through these tabs to see how tired they were of me)!

    Although I'm not so great at printing out my photos or making those gorgeous hardbound books, I know that someday when my busy "mommy life" settles a bit, I'll have a treasure trove of photos for reminiscing and creating a special collection that our whole family will treasure.
  • dslr-for-familiesMost parents who buy a fancy camera are disappointed when they see their first round of photos.  Unbelieveably, the new pictures tend to look just like the old pictures!  That's when they realize that photography is more about the photographer than the equipment. But who has the time to learn all about a DSLR?

    Parents are overwhelmed by the amount of technical information that’s out there. They just want to learn a few basics that will help them get great shots, and they have no idea where to start. Yes, you can take a photography class at a community college. Yes, you can go online and scour giant photography forums for bits of advice. But none of these options really work for a busy parent who needs an effective, efficient guide to getting great photos of her kids.

  • crying-baby-on-photo-set"I wish I knew how to take better photos of my kids. I have this really nice camera, but I don’t know how to use it.” By 2010 I had heard this so often from parents that I could say it along with them.

    Finally it dawned on me that most people didn't want to spend thousands of hours hanging out in photography forums and then experimenting with the advice they found. (See my daughter, at right, clearly DONE with my experimenting.)

    Hmmm, I thought, wouldn't it be cool if other parents could bypass the years of semi-obsessive dedication and start getting great pictures right away?!

  • candace-moss-teaching-photo-classesWhen I started teaching classes at the Dallas Arboretum, I knew that people needed information on taking great photos. But I didn’t anticipate how excited they would be to learn it! Parents had been so thirsty for this knowledge, and to find a fun and comprehensive class for beginners was like a refreshing drink of water.

    My Dallas classes became pretty popular, and I also taught classes in Brooklyn/New York City as well as in Washington, DC. When I starting getting emails about my classes from all across the county, I started thinking about putting those face-to-face lessons into a self-paced curriculum that would be accessible to anyone.
  • online-photography-classesOur face-to-face classes were fun, but a lot of students thought it would be more effective to read and study on their own, and then get together to practice. So I spent a good 6 months putting all the most helpful information for beginners into a PDF that's fun to read and easy on the eyes. I included lots of photo examples, as well as thorough explanations for tricky concepts.

    Since our web launch in the fall of 2011, I have seen students’ photos go from kind-of-pathetic to seriously gorgeous, literally overnight. The next step is to experiment with local Photo Crews, so that students can get together to practice, help each other learn, and just have fun.


So Glad You're Here...

We hope you find our courses and community to be exceptionally helpful. We intend to continually improve our content and community, according to what you are looking for. So, feel free to send us your thoughts.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our project.
Have a beautiful day!


~ and the Mom and Pop Photo Team

For media purposes... Mom and Pop Photo School courses were created by Candace Moss, a mom and professional children’s photographer. Candace has taught face-to-face photography classes across the country.  Now, with Mom and Pop Photo School, she is sharing her trademark process with parents online and around the world. 

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