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101 Set of Photography Courses for Parents

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By far our most popular purchase. Comes with both courses: Portraits 101 and Camera 101.  


101 Set (PDF-download now)


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Portraits 101 Online Photography Course

Easy, effective lessons in photographing children with natural light.  Simple practice exercises and printable pocket guide.


Portraits 101 (PDF-download now)


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Camera 101 Online DSLR Course for Parents

Intimidated by your camera?  This course walks you step-by-step through the 3 most helpful settings for taking great portraits.


Camera 101 (PDF-download now)


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  • Camera 101 Course Review Gretchen

    “My husband had bought me a really nice camera, but I had NO idea what most of the buttons did. Camera 101 cleared things up for me, and now I feel confident in using the Silver Settings from Portraits 101. It’s so nice to be out of AUTO mode!”

    ~ Gretchen A. 

  • Digital SLR Photography Classes Online Reviews Michal

    It has been so easy to do the lessons on my own schedule (2 am feedings anyone??), and I have this great subject to practice on whenever I want! The better my photos get, the more excited I am to keep going.

    ~ Michal F. near Seattle, Washington

  • Easy Photo Course Portrait Basics Diane

    Mom and Pop courses really break down the fundamentals in a way that is easy to understand and execute. I’d say that taking these courses has improved my photography skills 100 times over!!

    ~ Diane Havens, Rockwall, TX

  • Photography Forum and Photo Course Review Heather

    The Mom and Pop courses were essential in helping me learn the most important aspects of photography.  I feel like my photos went from looking like snapshots to almost professional … ALMOST ;)

    ~ Heather Papineau, Virginia Beach, VA

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